Evolved Analytics is a group comprising two companies: the US-based Evolved Analytics Incorporated and the Belgium-based Evolved Analytics Europe.

We love improving business effectiveness with the help of hard-core data science, help our clients to run operations smoother and more precise, develop better products (faster!!), anticipate what's coming, and take optimal and educated business decisions.

Back in 2005 we started Evolved Analytics LLC as a software company developing a unique data mining and modeling environment, which grew into amazing flagship product - Evolved Analytics' DataModeler. DataModeler is a great tool for every analyst and data scientist because it helps crunch through the data and efficiently (and robustly) discover what factors impact the KPIs and to which degree, and formulate the relationships in transparent predictive models.

In 2011 we incorporated Evolved Analytics Europe bvba as a consultancy hub delivering predictive analytics solutions. We help businesses map their efficiency and innovation challenges to practical solutions and their integration and implementation. For businesses without their own analytical departments we proudly offer our professional consulting services on designing custom data-driven solutions. For very special top-value problems we design highly customized enterprise-wide systems.

Our Business Model Eco System