Evolved Analytics Europe

At Evolved Analytics Europe we specialize in professional consulting in predictive analytics and in building custom systems to help our clients run their businesses a lot more effectively.

We love hard problems, good design, optimal and well-educated decisions, good coffee, smart gadgets, synergistic teams, and most of all we love when our hearts are singing. And our hearts sing all the time when we do our work, which shows!

We are expanding quite rapidly and recently moved to a bigger office on Nieuwe Kaai in Turnhout. There are still several workplaces available for other unicorns and wizards with geeky brains, pure hearts, big dreams, good hands, strong sense of humor and unique personalities.

Not only do we live and breathe predictive analytics for better lives, we help shape the field of predictive analytics and make history. Our team is working day and night on the new-generation analytics-as-a-service offering DataStories. DataStories, our offering for data owners, collectors, and aggregators is disrupting analytics services as we speak (contact us to become a beta-tester).

For data-driven problems of much higher complexity and higher level of customization we offer data solutions and custom systems. At the time of this writing we are working on these cool projects (call us if you want to put your project on the list):

  • Data Science R&D + IP generation for Addapp: Addapp Corp is a successful digital health startup designing and developing a unique Addapp app for iPhone. Addapp is an app that aggregates and analyzes your self-tracking data from a majority of wearable devices and provides deep personalized insights on your progress and lifestyle. We are responsible for the full data science cycle at Addapp: analyzing the data from quickly growing user-base of Addapp and developing scalable and easy to deploy engines to calculate insights for every user. A couple of thousands of users have been using Addapp and their number will reach 100K by December. If you have not used Addapp 2.0 yet - it is available in the app store from October 28, 2014.
  • Lean Manufacturing and Supply Chain for Sveza: Sveza is the largest birch plywood manufacturer in the world, producing 1.2Mln m3 of plywood for 70 countries annually. Thanks to the far-sighted leadership Sveza is embracing the lean manufacturing paradigm and adjusting it’s production process accordingly. We have been developing a fully customized production planning software systems for Sveza - Sveza OptiPlan and Sveza OptiStock - currently deployed successfully on the first production plant. The core of added value in systems we designed and implemeted is a dramatically reduced production cycle (3-4 times reductions in WIP costs), minimization of the inventory and optimal use of raw material. Under the hood of OptiPlan lie hard-core optimization algorithms and workflows solving problems with 5,000 to 90,000 variables and 4000 to 150,000 of constraints under 2 to 4 minutes.
  • Predictive analytics for Unilever R&D Vlaardingen: A top-secret project with the Sensation, Perception and Behaviour Lab, with a goal to robustly identify factors driving taste, smell, and appearance of several Unilever’s food products.

The photo of Nieuwe Kaai in Turnhout is by Lucaz Photography. Published with permission.