Our Technology

From Data to Actions

Our technology encompasses non-linear modeling based on statistical learning theory, non-linear modeling with robust symbolic regression, non-linear variable selection, variable relationship mapping, model-based outlier detection, data balancing and compression, and deep knowledge and experience with the majority of the alternative algorithms in the field.

Our goals are to enable people to quickly and effectively understand and capture the value from the data deluge and enable the leap from data to actions. In addition to our flagship product - the DataModeler AddOn package for Wolfram Mathematica - we provide consulting, training, and analysis system development in all areas of predictive analytics.

Unique field-proven algorithms for non-linear data-driven modeling (see also here):

  • Unique field-proven algorithms for non-linear data-driven modeling
  • Easy handling of large, ill-conditioned data sets
  • Scalable solutions for uncovering most significant factors impacting Key Performance Indicators
  • Transparent predictive models are designed to balance accuracy and complexity
  • Deployable solutions ensembles always contain quantified confidence of prediction
  • Capability to adapt models over time with changing input variables and process conditions
  • Because models are explicit mathematical equations, they are easily deployable in all external applications
  • Scalable variable relationship maps

Our areas of expertise include data modeling and optimization, signal processing, system building and project management. As needed, we draw on a network of consultants and experts. Team experiences are diverse and include:

  • machine learning & evolutionary computing research,
  • production scheduling system development,
  • large-scale logistics optimization,
  • electrical energy trading system development,
  • chemical plant data collection, analysis & problem resolution,
  • combinatorial biology data analysis,
  • torpedo guidance & control system design,
  • sonar signal processing algorithm design,
  • neonatal oxygenation control research,
  • I/T project management,
  • DoD data processing system engineering,
  • condition-based maintenance of machinery research,
  • laboratory & research data analysis system development.

If interested in consulting, training or system building, please contact info@evolved-analytics.com.