DataModeler Pro Release 8.22 (June 2014)

We are happy to announce the latest release of DataModeler Pro. The complete release notes are below; however, the most obvious new addition is support for automatic pagination of long tables by GridTable. This ripples automatically into many display functions — for example, the DataSummaryTable below — so that tables will fit on a screen to facilitate interactive exploration.

GridTable split into pages

DataModeler Release 8.20 (March 2014)

We have a very nice update for our users! This release features performance and option tuning to better exploit the OptimizeLinearModel capability introduced in the previous release as well as a number of enhancements to improve the results display and ease-of-use. The complete release notes are available at the end of this post. We also think we might have worked around the infamous Mathematica tooltip bug wherein tooltip content stop being properly displayed.


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