Data Solutions

Data Solutions is our offering in professional consulting services with engagement spanning from one week up to several months. We have the expertise, systems, tools and software to solve most complex analytics problems and have demonstrated success and a guaranteed return on investment in a variety of disciplines,—manufacturing, advanced materials, consumer products, policy making, and R&D.

We are regularly organizing seminars, webinars, and round tables to keep track of the current state of these industries and facilitate the change towards taking educated, data-driven decisions for improving impact, design, operations and profits.

Our Solutions by Sector:


We help business leaders align company operations with the chosen strategy, optimize business effectiveness and increase profitability, better understand and streamline the production process, optimize equipment utilization, standardize spec yields, and optimize logistics.

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Advanced Materials

Our technology excels in efficient design-space exploration to provide material designers with quantified insights about the composition properties impacting the target material performance, and iteratively provide the optimal lists of experiments to uncover materials with desired performance.

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Consumer Products

We provide leads about the optimal product composition to optimize and balance performance, cost, and quality metrics, provide solution workflows on predicting individual customer satisfaction, data-driven customer segmentation and support for quality by design.

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Our Solutions for Energy enable decision makers to effectively predict consumption to guide purchasing, forecast production of renewables to optimally plan sales and validate investments, as well as to perform energy efficiency optimization to reduce cost and qualify for ever stricter certifications.

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Policy Making

The core foundations of our technology - discovery of dependencies and relationships in historic data, design of 100 % data-driven, transparent and reliable predictions, and interactive what-if scenarios are powerful tools for policy makers taking educated, quantified, policy decisions while also being aware of the consequences of not taking them.

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Our technology is ideally suited for many aspects of R&D life. We help quantify when to move projects to the next stage gate or when to stop them, optimize processes, improve product design, help discover relationships and dependencies in measured data, predict future behavior, and optimally plan experiments maximizing their information content.

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