Ever since the founding in 2005 we have been developing a robust data analysis and modeling environment, which is aware of the specifics of real-world problems (noisy measurements, correlated features, no knowledge of what matters and how it impacts the performance) and is as easy to use as possible. Two amazing products have emerged in the process - Evolved Analytics' DataModeler and DataModeler Pro.

DataModeler offers robust workflows for efficient data-driven problem solving

Our data analysis and predictive modeling software runs on hard-core proprietary predictive algorithms. If the robust discovery of factors that matter and clean and transparent predictive models are not enough to convince you then the fact that it captures field-tested and bullet proof workflows to solve most of the prediction and optimization problems should. The workflows are the key to standardization and proliferation of data-driven analytics technology through any business.

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Two products bringing revolutionary solutions to any problem where analysis and understanding of structured mostly numeric data is involved.

Functionality DataModeler DataModeler Pro
User Interface with buttons to press
Exploratory data analysis
Development of predictive models with optimal complexity and accuracy tradeoffs
Discovery of variables that matter
Discovery of optimal number of factors in models
Discovery of driving combinations of inputs
Creation of robust predictive ensembles
Model export
Graphics export into reports
Model-based outlier identification
Audited trail of all analysis steps
Possibility to automate analysis workflows
Remote execution & Massive parallelization
Possibility to add custom operators and fitness functions