DataModeler Pro Software

DataModeler is the world-leading predictive modeling platform with its industrial and corporate roots reflected in the diverse industries and analysis applications of its users. Our commercially available platform has a long history of continual innovation and enhancement and has proven to be the right choice in implementing the data-driven analytics strategy at any enterprise.

Six good reasons to choose DataModeler:

State-of-the-art data analytics platform

Unique unbeatable capabilities for interactive data exploration, discovery of relationships and dependencies in data, transparent predictive models & interactive real-time What-If scenarios

Flexible & Versatile

DataModeler is used in a multitude of industries: manufacturing, plant optimization, advanced product design, emulator design, data-driven marketing, formulation design, socioeconomics, health care, trading, etc.

Supports long-term ownership of development

A commercial product with a history of continual innovation offers explicit and transparent total cost of ownership for models and workflows

Supports custom model development workflows

Custom workflows automatically executable by non-analysts are easy to design. This is a unique selling point to introduce the tool on any level in an enterprise. You do not need to have a PhD in data science to gain insight and take data-driven decisions

Facilitates insights with interactivity and powerful visualizations

We believe that visualizations should be clean and interactive. Only then do they make you the true discoverer, creator and owner of insights

Long industrial heritage

DataModeler lives and breaths problem solving in the real world — no other tool is so painfully aware of data challenges in real life: noise, missing values, variable hierarchies, high dimensionality, so that you can painlessly get insights from your data without being a data processing expert

DataModeler Pro have been used in a variety of applications:

  • Industrial production control & monitoring
  • Maximizing industrial equipment usage
  • Emulator development and soft sensors
  • Formulation design
  • Advanced material design
  • Policy making
  • Quantification of preventive and reactive measures in healthcare and traffic safety
  • Predicting consumer opinion scores in consumer products and video technology
  • Energy consumption and production prediction
  • Computational load balancing and cloud contract portofolio selection
  • Crop design (optimizing crops to local environments)
  • Hedge fund - stock portfolio selection
  • Team and player analysis in professional sports
  • Transplant surgery - graft rejection prediction and modeling
  • Device design - SSD optimization
  • Predicting the outcomes of academic admissions at a Law school

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