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DataModeler Release 8.08 (16 May 2012)

We are proud to release DataModeler 8.08 (16 May 2012)! Other than working around a "designed-as bug/feature" in Compile, the theme of this release is a major new capabilities for metavariable identification and exploitation. A metavariable is simply a combination of variables or a transform of a variable which is useful in the developed models. There are eight new functions supporting this capability:

New Functions

DataModeler Release 8.06 (26 January 2012)

The theme of this release is a significantly enhanced DataOutlierTable. DataOutlierTable function now allows DataRecordLabels to be displayed as well as other changes to improve the information display. Also changed the Input option to display the input variables to VariablesToPlot and added some flexibility and clarity to the input data display.


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