Lean Manufacturing and Optimizing Operations

Plywood puzzles

SVEZA Group, the world leader in birch plywood production, has been actively introducing new methods to optimize company's operations. The highlight among those is the new system for production scheduling OptiPlan developed by Evolved Analytics Europe and currently being implemented on the first plant in Kostroma. Introduction of the SVEZA Optiplan will allow the company to align its strategic goals to be a 100% customer-oriented business with real-time business operations, optimized logistics, and improved customer account management. Highly specialized mathematical algorithms hidden under user-friendly interfaces of SVEZA OptiPlan are designed to streamline production and balance logistics while optimally using raw materials and minimizing inventory costs. SVEZA anticipates substantial (up to 3-4 times) reduction in the time of order fulfillment as well as noticeable reduction in WIP.

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