DataModeler is one of those rare products that changes the way you think. It ends any excuse for extending an assumption of linearity in modeling beyond the domains in which it is truly appropriate.

Foundation Professor of Law, Director of the Program on Law and Computation, University of Houston Law Center, U.S.A.

We are using Data Modeler with excellent results in both our student projects and industrial applications for several years.

Head of CIOP Research Center, Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Cologne, Germany

I have used it with success to explore optimal insurance contracts, issues in legal education and a host of other difficult problems.

Foundation Professor of Law, University of Houston Law Center, U.S.A.

Perseverance and audacity generally win.

French actress (1747-1830)

Data Modeler is one of the most powerful tools available for analyzing financial data and constructing models which recognize hidden patterns amongst the avalanche of data that is used in trading.

Wolfram Finance Technology Consultant, WRI, IL, U.S.A.