Why Us?

The main distinguishing features of our technology are its deep industrial roots and the real-world focus. The technology emerged and blossomed in the R&D environment of a large chemical corporation based on years of solving real process optimization and product design problems. Robustness, reliability, actionable knowledge and therefore the immediate value underpin all our deliverables. Our solution workflows have been created and tested right there in the field where all the action happens (with all the implied requirements for speed, reliability, minimal necessary complexity and self-assessment). We pride ourselves with the unique value we bring to our clients and the light speed at which we often rescue analytics projects that get stuck.

We think that we are offering the most advanced capability of solving real-world problems with data science and analytics that is currently available.

It hurts us to see how companies are leaving money on the table because while they put a lot of effort into data collection they are not reaping nearly enough value from analyzing the data and turning insights into actionable knowledge. We are on a mission to change this and bring advanced predictive analytics to the world. We enjoy demonstrating the deep and immediate benefits of the technology to our customers at every single project. And we are excited about the revolution in taking data-driven decisions that we have a privilege to facilitate.

Guaranteed Return on Investement: We always do a feasibility study and will not drag projects which have no chance for success. If there is information in the data, we guarantee to improve your decision making workflow. If the information is not there, we will tell you very quickly what is missing, so you can improve your data collection process.
Our technology has been shaped by years of industrial problem solving. It is robust, reliable, and fast. It goes beyond standard approaches and delivers results for actual production environments.
We have many decades of collective experience in solving complex industrial problems. Our solution workflows have also been applied in many fields outside of the industrial arena - socio-economic sciences, policy making, health care, and R&D. If you can state clearly what you want we will solve your problem (or give quantified argumentation on why you should stop the project).